Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

Ⅰ) Application Of Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

The aluminum heat sink enclosure is mainly used to provide heat dissipation for the control system of the equipment, mainly used in: new energy industry, power supply industry, server industry, photovoltaic wind power industry, communication, energy storage industry, intelligent automation industry, aerospace and other industries .

Ⅱ) Advantages of aluminum heat sink enclosure

The electrical conductivity of aluminum is second only to copper and silver, with good thermal conductivity, strong appearance and texture, and light weight (density is only 2.74KG/M^3). The price is much cheaper than copper and silver. It is the most cost-effective heat dissipation material;
It can be made into various shapes of shells with flexibility. It can be formed by extrusion die, and the circuit board slot can be directly formed in the shell, as long as the circuit board is inserted into the aluminum heat sink enclosure; It can be locked with self-tapping screws; the leaf edges are designed on both sides of the bottom, and 4 holes can be punched to directly fix it on the wall or on the machine, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly; greatly reduces the processing cost。

Ⅲ) Processing technology of aluminum heat sink enclosure

The surface of the aluminum heat sink enclosure can be treated with wire drawing anodizing, spraying, degreasing and degreasing, and SurTec 650 treatment. After anodizing the product, the surface can be insulated and non-conductive, which increases the hardness of the aluminum itself and is not easy to scratch; usually The colors used are natural color anode and black anode. Regis is a professional aluminum heat sink enclosure design and manufacturer, and can customize various colors according to customer needs; if the product is used outdoors, it can also use anti-ultraviolet anodizing. It can reach 2000 hours without discoloration under direct sunlight.
Degreasing and degreasing and SuTec 650 do not have a good protective effect on the surface of the product, and are easy to scratch and bruise, but the cost is low. This surface treatment is more suitable for use in indoor and difficult-to-touch places. Surface spray treatment is suitable for any place, and special spray materials can be customized according to different places, but the cost is high.
The product surface LOGO and related character drawings can be screen-printed in single color and multi-color. If it is natural color, it can also be processed by laser character graphics. The cost of laser character graphics is low, the processing efficiency is high, and there will be no color fading.