Serrated Finned Heat Sink

Serrated Finned Heat Sink

serrated finned heat sink

I) What is a serrated finned heat sink?

A serrated fin heat sink refers to a heat sink in which the cooling fins of the heat sink are serrated. In production, we generally make sawtooth fin effects through extrusion process and Skived Fin process.

Skived Fin serrated fin heat sink

aluminum extrusion serrated fin heat sink

Ⅱ) Advantages of serrated finned heat sink

1) Compared with the ordinary straight-tooth heat sink, the sawtooth fin heat sink can have a larger heat dissipation area in the same space.

2) The serrated fins of the serrated fin heat sink can disrupt the fluid in the flowing boundary layer, so that the effect of convection heat transfer is better.

3) Due to the above two advantages, under the same thermal power consumption, the sawtooth fin heat sink can be smaller, lighter and cheaper.

Of course, the sawtooth on the fins of the sawtooth fin heat sink needs to be designed and calculated to have a good heat dissipation effect. If the sawtooth fin is too small, it cannot disturb the fluid in the flowing boundary layer, and the heat dissipation area generated by the sawtooth will be ignored; if the sawtooth fin is too large, it will increase the resistance of the fluid flow, resulting in a decrease in the convective fluid and an increase in the temperature of the heat sink. Therefore, the sawtooth of the sawtooth fin heat sink needs to be in a suitable size to have the best effect.

Regis has 15 years of experience in heat sink design and manufacturing, and can calculate the most suitable sawtooth fin size through thermal simulation technology, and provide customers with thermal analysis and manufacturing feasibility reports free of charge. Reduce development costs for customers and shorten the development cycle of high-performance, high-reliability sawtooth fin heat sinks.

Ⅲ) Precautions when selecting a serrated fin heat sink

In the case of natural convection heat dissipation, due to the slow air flow, the effect of using a sawtooth fin heat sink is relatively poor, even similar to that of an ordinary straight-tooth heat sink. However, if you install the heat sink in a direction that can make the heat sink produce a chimney effect, the sawtooth of the serrated fin heat sink will also have a more obvious effect.

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