Skived Fin Radiator

The Skived Fin Heat Sink Is A Device Used To Dissipate Heat For Components That Are Easy To Heat. It Is Made Of Aluminum/Copper Materials With High Thermal Conductivity To Make Radiators Of Different Shapes Such As Plate, Sheet, And Multiple Pieces.

Skived Fin Heat Sink

The skived fin heat sink is a device used to dissipate heat for components that are easy to heat. It is made of aluminum/copper materials with high thermal conductivity to make radiators of different shapes such as plate, sheet, and multiple pieces.

The heat dissipation efficiency of the heat sink not only depends on the characteristics of the high thermal conductivity of the heat sink material, but also the heat capacity of the heat dissipation medium of the heat sink and the effective heat dissipation area of ​​the heat sink. The radiator materials are mostly made of copper and aluminum. Copper has good thermal conductivity, is more expensive, difficult to process, too heavy, has a small heat capacity, and is easy to oxidize. Aluminum is lighter and has worse thermal conductivity than copper. Generally speaking, for heat sinks made of the same material and technology, the thicker the heat sink material and the larger the surface area, the better the heat dissipation effect.

Our heat sink mainly includes: aluminum extrusion + CNC machining large heat sink, FSW large heat sink, riveted heat sink, insert heat sink, heat pipe heat dissipation system, skived fin heat sink, forged heat sink, application It is used to solve the heat dissipation solution of industrial automation, power & transmission, medical equipment, new energy transportation, instrument and testing equipment and other industries.

The principle of the shovel radiator: through mechanical action, the long plate cuts the material into a slice at a certain angle and is straight, and repeats the cutting to form a uniformly ordered gap structure, which is used to solve high-power devices under air-cooled heat dissipation conditions Heat dissipation.

After the large-scale application of shovel-tooth radiators, the cost and reliability advantages are obvious, and they are widely used in communications, inverters, controllers, and wind power converters. Compared with the insert radiator, the heat dissipation efficiency can be increased by 8~15%.Skived Fin Radiator