Expert Heat Sink Factory
With 16 Years Experience
Expert Heat Sink Factory
With 16 Years Experience
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  • ce certificition
  • ISO 2768 processing standard for heat sink
  • DIN 12020 processing standard for heat sink
  • Mil-A-8625 processing standard for heat sink
  • DIN 74 processing standard for heat sink
  • ISO 9001 Certificition

One stop for heat sink manufacturer

With 16 years of experience in manufacturing heat sinks, we can provide a wide variety of heat sinks to suit your different scenarios, and we can also develop cooling solutions and customize heat sinks according to your needs.
One Stop Shop
We can provide technical support for the manufacture and processing of large volume heat sinks.
Fully Equipped Laboratory
Our lab has a lot of equipment, including our custom thermal test carrier (TTV), to validate design solutions.
Adequate Production Facilities
Our factory is equipped with adequate production facilities such as CNC, friction welding, stamping, welding and so on.
Variety Of Product Finishes
We are proficient in anodizing, anti-oxidation, sandblasting, powder blasting, SurTec 650 and other surface treatment processes.

Featured Heat Sink

We can manufacturer all kinds of heat sinks,click right link to check products.
Liquid Cooling Plate

Liquid-cooled heat sinks carry away the heat generated through the flow of liquid。

Copper and aluminum heat sink

Copper and aluminum heat sinks are commonly used in electronic products and have a good heat dissipation effect.

Aluminum extruded heat sink

Aluminum extruded heat sink is a cost-effective radiator because of its low cost and excellent heat dissipation effect.

Shovel tooth heat sink

Shovel tooth heat sinks dissipate heat better than aluminum extruded heat sinks, but they are more expensive.

Forged heat sink

Forged heat sinks offer good price advantages in mass production and dissipate heat well.

CNC machined cavities

The CNC machined cavity is mainly used to make the mechanical shell of the product, which is beautifully shaped.

Why choose Regis

We have extensive experience in thermal design and machining, producing and manufacturing products for export to the United States, Europe and other Asia-Pacific countries.
Heat Sink Qualitity Control

We have strict quality control on our products, and we will conduct first piece inspection and random inspection on each process, and provide FAI report after the products are processed and 100% testing on the performance of the products.

Self Owned Testing Lab

We have a well-equipped laboratory, which includes three-dimensional measuring instruments, height gauges, two-dimensional measuring instruments and product performance testing instruments.

Special Heat Sink Surface Treatment

We are proficient in various processing techniques and also have surface treatment processes such as galvanizing/nickel/chrome, anodizing, anti-oxidation, sandblasting, powder coating, SurTec 650, etc.
Heat Sink Fabrication Based On Your Drawing

We can process and test the product according to the customer’s drawing until the finished product is processed as desired by the customer. If the customer is not clear about the product they want, we can provide a variety of design options for the customer to choose from, and the customer can choose one that they are satisfied with for us to process and manufacture the product.

Send Your Inquiry Now

If you have a need, you can contact us and we will handle your needs and meet your requirements immediately.