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Soldering Heat Sink

Soldering Heat Sink

Soldering Heat Sink

Ⅰ)What Is A Heat Sink?

A heat sink is a device that dissipates heat from electronic components that are prone to high temperature in electrical appliances, and is mostly made of aluminum alloy and red copper. The heat sink  can diffuse heat into the environment by greatly increasing the contact area between the heating electronic components and the fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the heating electronic components.

Ⅱ)What Is A Soldered Heat Sink?

Welded heat sink is a heat sink produced by welding as the main process. Welding heat sinks are divided into welding sealing process and welding connection process according to the function of welding in the heat sink.

Ⅲ) Type Of Solder Heat Sink

1) Welding Process For Sealing

The sealing welding process is generally used for liquid cooling heatsinks, and the commonly used welding methods are friction stir welding and vacuum brazing.

Friction Stir Welding Liquid Cooling Heat Sink

Vacuum Brazing Liquid Cooling Heat Sink

2) Connection Welding Process

The connection welding process is mainly used for air-cooled heat sinks and passive heat sinks. Commonly used soldering methods are soldering (tin soldering) and glue soldering (the connecting agent is epoxy resin). Connect the base of the radiator to the teeth of the radiator by two welding methods. Among them, when tin welding aluminum, the surface of aluminum needs to be plated with nickel to increase the solderability, and the electroplating will increase the cost. However, since the solder and the electroplating layer are both metals, the thermal conductivity is better. Glue welding can be freely welded with copper, aluminum and other metals, but due to the low thermal conductivity of epoxy resin, the thermal conductivity is not as good as soldering.

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Tin Soldering Heat Sink

Glue Welded Heat Sink