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Round Heat Sink

Round Heat Sinks For The LED Industry

Round Heat Sink

Ⅰ) What Is A Round Heat Sink, And The Classification Of Round Heat Sinks

Round Heat Sinks refer to fins with a round shape. They are usually divided into three types processed by aluminum extrusion process, brazing process and cold forging process. Among them, cold forging is the most cost-effective processing method.

Brazing Process Round Heat Sink

Extrusion Process Round Heat Sink

Cold Forging Process Round Heat Sink 

Ⅱ) Advantages Of Cold Forged Round Heat Sink Compared To Other Round Heat Sinks

Compared with the aluminum extrusion process and the brazing process, the cold forging process has the following advantages:
1) The round Heat Sink of cold forging process is made of 1070 aluminum material, and its thermal conductivity is higher than other aluminum alloys, such as 6063 and 6061.

2) Since cold forging is to press copper and aluminum blocks into the mold through huge pressure to make them into the desired shape, the density of the product will be higher than the theoretical density of the material and it will be less likely to generate pores.

3) Compared with the extrusion process, the cold forging process can process copper Heat Sinks, which is more suitable for high power density scenarios.

4) The omnidirectional characteristic of the cold forged Heat Sink can allow air to flow from any direction, so the installation is more flexible.

5) Compared with the brazing process, which requires electroplating and welding, the cold forging process is basically a one-time forming process, which can be used with only simple processing, so the cost is lower.


III) Regis Capabilities And Services

Regis is an excellent company with 15 years of experience in Heat Sink design and manufacturing, and its products are sold all over the world. Regis can calculate the most suitable circular Heat Sink parameters according to the customer’s product requirements through thermal simulation technology, and provide customers with free heat Analysis and Manufacturing Feasibility Report. Reduce development costs and shorten development cycles for customers. Provide customers with the best cost-effective round Heat Sink.

place of origin Dongguan, China (Mainland) Original Equipment Manufacturer: Yes
process: cold forging Package: carton with wooden pallet
Material: AL1070 shape: customize
application: LED lighting, industrial computers, medical equipment, energy storage tolerance 0.01MM
model: RDZ-00638 Thermal resistance 0.1-0.5 K/W
Finish: Anodizing, Antioxidant, Cleaning Quality Control: 100% thermal test
Additional process: CNC machining + lathe machining size: custom size